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Insurance Rated Safes
Grade 0-6 Range

Our range of Insurance Rated Safes are for those that require the very best level of protection a safe can offer. Any of the safes from our huge range are perfect for retailers, the leisure and hotel industries, business/office use, the public sector and homes requiring protection of valuables, jewellery and cash with a high net worth.

Tested, certified and insurance approved, our range of insurance rated safes offer outstanding cash ratings up to £150,000, valuables up to £1.5 million and fire resistance for up to 90 minutes.

Every safe we supply has been designed and built to world class standards, then it will have been independently tested and certified by the LPCB (the Loss Prevention Certification Board) to European standard EN1143-1. The high specification construction uses the very latest materials and technologies to ensure we manufacture the most secure safes around.

Furthermore they provide fire resistance for up to 90 minutes and have been awarded Swedish SP Laboratory NT017 certification.

The superb accreditation doesn’t end there! All Our Insurance Grade Safes are approved by the AiS (Association of Insurance Brokers).

Every Safe comes as standard with a high security key-lock tested to European standard EN1300 or one of a multitude of electronic locks which are perfect for the retail markets where more than one person will have access to the safe.

We can supply most safes with electronic locks, time delay locks, audit trail locks, duress locks, Internet remote access locks, in fact, any type of lock on the market and if what you require is not available, we will get our manufacturers to produce it and write the software.


Cash rating £6000
Valuables rating £60,000
Available in 6 Sizes


Cash rating £10,000
Valuables rating £100,000
Available in 8 Sizes


Cash rating £17,000
Valuables rating £175,000
Available in 8 Sizes


Cash rating £35,000
Valuables rating £350,000
Available in 8 Sizes


Cash rating £60,000
Valuables rating £600,000
Available in 6 Sizes


Cash rating £100,000
Valuables rating £1,000,000
Available in 6 Sizes


Cash rating £150,000
Valuables rating £1,500,000
Available in 5 Sizes

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